FD Author Style: Classic Ladylike Sophistication

Dress (Evan Picone via Ross) similar silhouette and print here similar print here Necklace (Mimi Boutique) here Clutch (My mom’s purchased at a vintage store)

I am going to start this post by saying I absolutely love this dress and it will remain in my closet as long as I can fit it, which I hope is forever. I wore this to a wedding I attended last Friday. This dress just makes me feel like such a lady. I know that it’s not your clothes that make you a a lady, but certain pieces incite certain feelings. The truth of the matter is I felt very Kerry Washington meets Michelle Obama(ish). Just absolutely stunning. Then the first person I ran into happened to be a guy I knew from college and the first thing out of his mouth was “do you understand how gorgeous you look?”. This just verified that feeling of absolute fabulousness that I felt when I glanced in the mirror. You Devotee’s know that feeling when you get dolled up and start feeling yourself? Not in the form of conceit but just a little extra confident. This dress is a timeless piece, yet it is still on trend. I concentrated on accentuating the orange/coral hues since tango tangerine is the Pantone color of the year. I even wore my orange lipstick for the first time that I have been waiting to try for years. There are countless ways of staying on trend with classic pieces. I can’t stress enough how much I believe in filling your closet with classic pieces. (SN: I apologize in advance this is a picture heavy post.)

I was lucky enough to to win a $50 giveaway via Fashion du jour for Mimi Boutique and I purchased this lovely statement necklace, which I absolutely adore. I think it was the perfect accent.

Here is a sneak peak into the ceremony. Below is the lovely couple. The groom and I attended middle school, high school, and college together. The bride and I were in a college modeling troupe together. Having known each of them for several years the wedding was one large high school and college reunion.

I even got to catch up with Ashley from A Sassy Woman whom I also attended college with. It seems that we only see each other at weddings and bridals showers these days. She even said, “I’ll see you at the next wedding” before we parted ways.

The lovely cake.

After I purchased this dress I again spotted Ms. Whitley Gilbert in a similar dress with a similar print, cut and silhouette.

You can view that episode of A Different World here

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Thank you all for reading. Your kind words are always appreciated.

Have a fabulous day. Love & Fashion!

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30 thoughts on “FD Author Style: Classic Ladylike Sophistication

  1. No, but do you understand how gorgeous you look?! This is everything! And your description was spot on. Kerry Washington meets Michelle Obama-ish. Perfect.

    And I love that Whitley is rocking something similar. I love her style.
    Channing in The City recently posted..Through The Wire

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