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Yesterday I introduced FD’s I love my hair feature. I asked my dear friend Krystle to share her hair journey as a launch to the feature. Krystle’s is my natural hair muse. If and when I decide to go natural she will be my inspiration. I knew Krystle before she decided to go natural and I have seen an amazing change in her. The change has given her a new sense of confidence and style. She werks it. I have had many friends to embark on the natural hair journey but very few have wowed me the way Krystle has. Krystle’s fabulous natural hair was featured on essence.com ” 50 Fiercest Natural Hairstyles of the Year”. To check out Krystle and other natural hair diva’s click here. With no further ado Ms. Krystle.

Hi everyone I’m Krystle! I’m so happy Ariel asked me to share my hair story with the oh so chic Fashion Devotee readers. A little about me, I’m currently residing in Brooklyn, NY but I am originally from Nashville, TN and Tampa, FL. I work in the fundraising department for a non- profit and I absolutely love my natural hair.

Two and half years ago I made the decision to stop relaxing my hair and wear it in its natural state. I honestly had no rhyme or reason for my decision. I always had “healthy”, relaxed hair but I was always curious about my curly new growth in between relaxers. My mother would tell me stories of how my hair “used” to be and that one day she dropped me to my grandmother’s house and when I came home I had a relaxer. (What a shame when you have to be told stories of your old hair lol. ) Relaxed hair was all I knew. Then a college friend of mine tried to encourage me go natural but I was scared. But, the more I researched and took notice of women with natural hair, the more I loved it and wanted in! It wasn’t until I moved to Brooklyn and saw all the fly; confident naturals that I mustered up the courage to take the plunge. On Sept. 5, 2009 I chop all my relaxed ends off after just one month of transitioning and I never looked back.

My natural journey has been amazing and fulfilling. Yes, I had ( and still do) have my good and my bad days but once I embraced my hair as a unique gift that was intended for me and I stopped worrying what other people thought, my confidence level rose. And let’s be honest, when you’re rocking less than an inch of hair and you feel like a boy, it’s kind of hard to feel beautiful. However, once I let go of what society told me was beautiful and embraced my hair exactly how it was supposed to be, I began to enjoy watching my hair grow and couldn’t wait to see where it would take me next.

During my hair journey I started paying attention to what I was putting in my hair, which led me to start paying attention to what I was putting in my body, what type of thoughts filtered into my mind and just how I viewed the world in general. Yes it seems like a stretch but it’s the truth. And no, I’m not mother earth, only read books about Africa , and listen to India Arie, Lol! I still like to be fabulous and trendy but my hair is my unique contribution to myself. That is why I love my hair so much. It’s all mine and looks exactly how it was supposed to look from birth. I can wear it big, low, up, down, straight, curly, left, right and out of sight lol! I have nothing against relaxers or weaves, but in a crowded room my hair helps me to stand out. That’s what makes it so special to me, because it’s unique. And even when I feel like I’m having a horrible hair day, I know that my beauty is not solely defined by my hair.

When it comes to taking care of my natural hair I try to keep it simple. There is so much information overload on caring from natural hair but once I realized what worked for me, I stuck with it. I wash my hair with conditioner ( co-wash) about once a week, sometimes two if I’m pushing it, and wash with Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo whenever I have buildup. My favorite conditioner is Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and I use the tried and tested Suave Coconut Conditioner for detangling. I deep condition at least once a month by adding oils and some mayo to my conditioner that I leave on while I clean house or run errands. I learned that buying expensive products is necessarily going to give me certain results so, I like affordable and natural staples that can be found right in the kitchen. I’ve tried Miss Jessie’s, Jane Carter, SheaMoisture etc..but nothing beats my good ol’ Extra Virgin Olive oil and my raw African shea butter that I whip myself with oils. A few of my favorite products are Eco Styler Gel, castor oil, my shea butter mix , Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave- In conditioner and a water bottle with glycerin and oils in it. I’ve been using these affordable staples for years and my hair has never been this healthy or this long.

When it comes to styling I am still learning as I go but twist outs are my favorite style. I love looking up new styles on YouTube and experimenting with hair care techniques that I can whip up right in my kitchen. I even dabble in braids and curly weaves. I might get a straight weave one day but we’ll see.

I realize that not everyone feels they can embark on the natural hair journey so I don’t like to bully people about it but, I do want to promote natural hair as something that is not only healthy but as something that is beautiful. Our hair is beautiful exactly the way it grows from our head no matter what it looks like. Take care of it, nurture it , love it and most important love yourself!

Thanks for having me!


FD Author Notes: Thank you Krystle for launching the feature. You werk your natural hair.

If you would like to share your hair story on the “I Love my Hair” feature. You can submit a short snippet about why you love your hair, how your hair affects your style, your regimen and include 5-8 hair pictures to fashiondevotee@ymail.com

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. It is such an honor to be feature on your site Ariel. Thank so much and I will definitely be tuning in for the next hair story. Thank you also Ashley!

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